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Rental of scientific equipment

EcoTechSystems owns a wide range of scientific instrumentation for coastal geophysics, oceanography, and for the collection of environmental samples. All equipment is made available to customers with the support of highly qualified technical and scientific personnel, for the management and execution of all operative phases in the field. EcoTechSystems also has a small vessel (M/N Calipso), equipped for the execution of  geophysical and environmental surveys in coastal marine areas.

The experience in field works and environmental management  allows EcoTechSystems to identify the best methodological approach for sampling operations and data acquisition, taking into account local variables and the specific customer requirements.

The EcoTechSystems instrumentation include:

  • Single point/ADCP Current meters
  • CTD SBE 19 plus  multiparametric probe with additional sensors for dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, Eh, fluorscence, deck unit for real time visualization
  • Coastal and oceanic box-corers
  • Van Veen grabs
  • Hydrological Niskin type bottles
  • Sediment traps
  • Zooplankton and phytoplankton nets
  • Equipment for sampling of meio- and macrobenthos
  • Cameras and camcorders for professional underwater photography
  • M/N Calipso

EcoTechSystems affords a small laboratory for granulometric analyses and biodiversity of marine organisms (phytoplankton, zooplankton, meiobenthos, macrobenthos).