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EcoTechSystems supports and encourages the development of an ecological and ethic approach in environmental management by companies and agencies, through the use of scientific expertise and technologies.

Through the experience gained in aquatic and marine environmental sciences, EcoTechSystems is able to provide technical and scientific support to the customer in all aspects and phases related to the management of the environment, starting from the design stage up to the data interpretation, including the provision of technical and scientific documentation to be submitted to the competent bodies.

A system of quality management and security in a continuous evolution is on the base of the support that the company provides to the customer.

EcoTechSystems offers the necessary experience for the provision of services to a wide array of clients:

  • Oil & gas companies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Engineering Companies
  • Power Distribution
  • Port authorities
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Institutional bodies (ARPA, APAT, Ispra, Park Authorities, Universities, Government National and Regional)