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Coastal geophysical surveys

EcoTechSystems performs high-resolution geophysical surveys in coastal areas for the production of detailed maps of the seabed, biocenotic maps, for the detection of pipelines and submarine cables, surveys of wharfs and coast defense structures.

Propedeutical studies for the construction, monitoring and maintenance of maritime structures (cables, pipelines, power lines, platforms), shipwrecks and other submerged structures.

Specifically, EcoTechSystems performs the following studies:

  • Singlebeam and multibeam bathymetric studies
  • Side scan sonar morphological studies
  • Sub bottom profiler stratigraphic studies
  • Magnetometric studies
  • Geological and geotechnical studies

Thanks to the partnership with Lighthouse companies, EcoTechSystems can the utilize the top level technology know-how  typical of the group.