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Environmental surveys

The considerable experience of the EcoTechSystems staff in marine biology and physical oceanography is the substrate of the wide range of services offered to the customer.

Oceanography and oceanographic modelling

The acquisition of hydrographic, current meter and wavemeter data is of primary importance for the development of predictive models about the potential impact of engineering works on marine environment.

By means of the best available technology and a highly qualified technical staff, EcoTechSystems provides services for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of hydrological data, current meter data, wavemeters data in both offshore and coastal areas.

Moreover, EcoTechSystems can perform ad-hoc implementations of computational models aimed at studying the oceanographic dynamics of dispersion of thermal plumes and / or chemical contaminants.

Monitoring of the marine environment

EcoTechSystems provides resources and instruments for monitoring activities of marine and transitional environments, together with highly qualified technical staff able to ensure the accuracy of the process.

EcoTechSystems, through an ecosystem approach, provides to the client a full support for the design and preparation of environmental monitoring plans, sampling campaigns, data processing and analysis of data quality. The interpretation phase can be implemented with statistical analyses at different levels, aimed at identifying potential changes in progress and to the restitution of indications for the management of marine resources.

As part of environmental monitoring, EcoTechSystems is specialized in the analysis of the following parameters:

• Biodiversity of Plankton: quali-quantitative determination of phyto-and zooplankton communities

• Biodiversity of the Benthos: quali-quantitative determination of meio- and macrozzobenthic communities; calculation of main biotic indicators of environmental quality

• Microbiology (including analysis of pathogenic bacteria, using commercial kits and molecular biology techniques)

• Ecotoxicology (toxicity testing and definition of quality classes of marine sediments)

• Definition of the health status of Posidonia oceanica meadows through phenological and lepidocronological analyses. Monitoring of the lower limit of P.oceanica meadows using the balisage technique.

• Biochemical

The EcoTechSystems laboratories are enrolled in the National Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Environmental characterization

Recupero benna

The environmental characterization is one of the major activities for the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIS and EIA). These activities are aimed at an ex ante information on environmental conditions for the execution of works in marine environment (as infrastructures, beach nourishment, removal of relict sands, etc.).

In this context, EcoTechSystems designs and executes characterizations of waters, sediments and biota, devoted to the production of scientific reports as a support to the customer, for the provision of documentation to be submitted to the competent bodies EIS and EIA.

Within Sites of National Interest and other contaminated areas, EcoTechSystems performs environmental studies to gain information on the degree, extent and type of contamination, and for the construction of conceptual models aimed at the production of health and environmental risk analysis.

In particular, EcoTechSystems could provide support for the design of investigation plans, devoted to define the quality of environmental matrices and the appropriate investigative techniques, according to national and site-specific guidelines. The support provided includes all field activities, including surveys using appropriate equipment and the complete management of the analytical phase and processing.