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Biological analyses

By means of their laboratories and an highly qualified team, EcoTechSystems is able to perform biological analysis in both water column marine sediments, aimed at studying the major components of marine food webs. Specifically, the laboratories are able to perform EcoTechSystems:

Taxonomica analyses

EcoTechSystems laboratories are equipped to perform quali-quantitative and taxonomic analyses of phytoplankton, zooplankton, meiobenthos and macrobenthos. These studies represent the basis for the calculation of biotic indices, for the determination of biodiversity and the identification of potential stress factors in order to evaluate potential changes in the ecosystems.

Defining the status of health of seagrass meadows

EcoTechSystems staff have an high experience in the study of the status of health of seagrass meadows (Posidonia oceanica in particular). EcoTechSystems performs visual census, sampling, phenological and lepidochronological studies by scientific specialists. It also performs monitoring of the lower limit of P. oceanica meadows by means of balisage technique according to ISPRA.

Microbiological analyses

EcoTechSystems performs microbiological analyses by means of microscopic, coltural and molecular techniques  for the study of microbial communities in different environmental matrices. The synergic relationships with the Polytechnic University of Marche allows the use of the best technologies and of the more recent scientific developments for a more specific result.

Ecotoxicological analyses

EcoTechSystems performs ecotoxicological tests on different marine and freshwater organisms. The tests could be performed according to standard methodologies or by means of experimental research approaches. The company is specialized in design of specific tests for the study of environmental themes, for EIS studies or for the evaluation of the ecocompatibility of industrial products.

Analysis of fishery resources

EcoTechSystems carries out biometric and taxonomic studies of fish communities, to assess the potential effects of the installation of infrastructure at sea and characterization of stocks of commercial interest.