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EcoTechSystems was founded in the 2003 as Spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Marche by PhD, university researchers, marine biologists, ecologists and geologists. It performs consultancy, research, monitoring activities in marine environments and develop new technologies for environmental purposes.

Since its foundation, the main objective of EcoTechSystems was to provide the university know how to private companies and public entities working in marine environments, and which require a wide array of services.

During years EcoTechSystems extended its competence to the different environmental sectors of oceanography, marine geology, biology and ecology, in order to efficiently come up to the different client’s needs.

The specific competence of EcoTechSystems includes the design and the execution of environmental monitoring and characterization plans, design and execution of environmental surveys (onshore and offshore), studies of physic oceanography, and geophysical surveys in marine coastal areas. The high qualified personnel of EcoTechSystems performs analyses on the different marine biological communities, studies on marine phanerogams and on the different microbial communities.

Our know-how was developed through the supply of professional consultancy to public entities and private companies. Our clients include important companies operating in different industrial sectors,

Our preparation has been formed through the provision of professional consulting services to a wide range of clients operating in both the public and private sectors. Our customer base includesprestigious companies operating in various industries including those of ‘engineering, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceutical companies and institutional bodies such as Universities andNational Research Centres.

One of the milestones of business philosophy of EcoTechSystems, placing it in the forefront in its field, is to conduct all activities basing on the latest advancements in scientific research.

The operative headquarters of EcoTechSystems is at Ancona (Italy).